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  • Racing Empires

    Racing Empires Glu Mobile 2014

    Combining 2 successful mobile genres - empire building and drift racing - Racing Empires is one uniquely engaging gaming experience.

    The game features a single player campaign, asynchronous multiplayer (standard mobile friendly taking turns gameplay) and an alliance mode.

  • Riddle Website

    Riddle.com Riddle Inc. 2016

    Venture Capatists approached Gamepunks to create a web tool that would enable businesses & brand to gain user insight through fun quizzes, polls. Thus Riddle was born.

    We designed, prototyped and built the entire site and its supporting business structures from the ground up, flexing our broad and deep knowledge of web technology to show that we can deliver huge scopes without breaking a sweat.

  • xDrive Challenge

    xDrive Challenge BMW 2011-2013

    Partnering with BMW for over 3 years we developed a series of mobile games that delivers the xDrive experience to fans across the world. The xDrive Challenge series proved extremely popular with the BMW audience and had them coming back for more year upon year.

    Expertly designed to fit mobile cosumption, xDrive Challenge is exactly how a branded gaming experience should be.

  • Austria Snapshot Adventures

    Austria Snapshot Adventures Austrian National Tourist Office 2014

    The aim was to tap into the ever burgeoning casual mobile market in order to message the appeal of tourism in Austria to emerging markets. Our solution was Snapshot Adventures.

    Using face capturing technology and charming 3D visuals we place users right in the heart of Austria's most famous tourist spots and allow them to mess around in them through a bunch of brilliant silly mini games.

  • PestWatch / PestID

    PestWatch / PestID Rentokil 2013

    Rentokil asked us to build a public database for people to report wasps, bees and other pests on a real-time map, with the guts of a Wordpress CMS so their non-technical editors could maintain the site. We ensured the site also worked perfectly on mobiles and it could geo-locate the user’s position and ask feedback about the insect they wanted to report.

    Along with this also created PestID - a mobile app that allows you to identify a creepy crawly by answering just a few simple questions, and how to deal with them in your home.

  • 3DPunks Website

    3DPunks 3Dpunks 2016

    In 4 Simple Steps We Will Create Your Very Own Virtual Reality Space. The most convenient way for commercial, residential and retail real estate owners and businesses to get interactive 3D models.

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